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Gambia – 16.02.2018
Victor Foundation Trust. It was a pleasure talking to 15 teenagers aged 15 and above. These children were fully focussed and had a range of questions and knowledge regarding gum disease, tooth decay and oral cancer. One of the teenagers decided to do more research on oral cancer as this wasn’t discussed in any of her schooling and she also said she would like to become a dentist. It feels very rewarding when you educate children and they gain something back. My time at Victor Foundation Trust was a good experience and I will be attending again in 2019.

Gambia – 17.02.2018
Hunain Foundation Islamic School. I attended the Islamic school, respecting Islamic culture by wearing their attire. The Headteacher was translating for me as the children did not speak English. I spoke to the children and showed them the correct way to brush their teeth. I took time to explain to the children that reducing their sugar intake would benefit them all in the long run as the school had a sweet shop on site!

Gambia – 19.02.2018
Sanyang Village. I visited a local village in Gambia on a public holiday so there were many children to teach. They were happy children with so much life in them. Living in a small village didn’t seem to both any of the children. I spoke to the children about how brushing the surface too hard can affect the teeth and explained to them that changing their toothbrush regularly was very important. I provided the children with about 1 years’ supply of toothbrushes because the shops in the village did not have a good range of brushes and only small amounts of oral hygiene products.


February 17, 2018 @ 8:00 am
February 18, 2018 @ 5:00 pm




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