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Oral Africa Care is a charity dedicated to providing supplies and education to Africa.

The founder Vivian Frimpong has a background of Nursing, which eventually lead her into Dentistry, studying at Kings College Hospital in London to become a Dental Nurse. It was whilst studying, Vivian’s calling to help make a change to the home of her parents began and Oral Africa Care was born.

As Vivian describes it, on the 15th November 2017, she woke up in the middle of the night and decided it was her time to give something back to Africa, starting with Ghana, her home country. It was clear that after giving to charities for so many years, it was time to start her own and with the dental knowledge she acquired Oral Africa Care ticked all the boxes.

Oral Africa Care aims to provide dental supplies including tooth brushes, toothpastes, timers, leaflets and mouthwash to teenagers and younger Children, whilst teaching the importance of oral health and awareness of tooth decay and cavities.


Our aim is to visit African countries and raise awareness, whilst giving access to free dental products as part of our projects.

Being a non profit organisation, we are working towards building a healthier future in Africa. Oral Africa Care is a small organisation, so we always welcome people from all professions to join in with the project. If you are interested in helping in any way, please contact us.

It is demonstrated that Africa as a Continent for many years has suffered with oral health. Africans naturally have strong supported bones in their teeth, but consistently they have been using their own methods treatment. Smokers toothbrushes are very traditional in Africa, but they have a very hard surface. Many believe that if you brush hard, this will clean your teeth and gums better….far from the truth. We are trying to raise awareness and educate that this only causes enamel loss and bleeding in the gums. Using a soft to medium toothbrush is actually the correct technique and safer, especially for young children.

As a Dental Nurse the oral health advice I teach is to prepare children and families with the basic foundations of looking after their teeth and gums. With the help of other non profit organisations, we can build a better Africa.


Volunteering can be personally rewarding and helps you ‘give something back’ to others underpriveliged. Please get in touch if you are interested in become a Volunteer.


Your donations will help us to provide supplies, educate for the future and restore smiles whilst preventing suffering. However small you think your donation is, we greatly appreciate it.

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